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Beginnings is an informative, gentle introduction to the mechanics, the art, the poetry, the philosophy, the very essence of flyfishing.

Mel Krieger unravels the mysteries of flyfishing in the same direct, unaffected manner that distinguishes his flycasting instructional DVDs, The Essence of Flycasting I & II.

Instruction without intimidation, the DVD Beginnings is a must for newcomers or anyone who has ever considered becoming a flyfisher.

DVD in English  •  68 minutes runtime  •  Regional code 2, playable only in West- and Middle Europa, South Africa, Egypt, Middle East and Japan

The cover of the Scandinavian edition differs from the original.


Chapter 1 Introduction to fly fishing
Chapter 2 The fish
Chapter 3 What fish eat
Chapter 4 Flies
Chapter 5 Fly tying
Chapter 6 Rigging and knots
Chapter 7 Small water
Chapter 8 Rough water & streamer fishing
Chapter 9 Smooth water & presenting the fly
Chapter 10 Still water
Chapter 11 Warm water
Chapter 12 Basic flycasting
Chapter 13 Conclusion


- A complete fly fishing glossary
- Mel's reminders
- Fly fishing moments: A medley of music and visuals

"This may be the single most user-friendly, down-to-earth, no-nonsense video to come down the digital pipe ...
... it is organized without being orchestrated; segmentalized without being segmented; paced without pontificating; simple without being simplistic; above all, it is understandable and has a purpose.
... the videography was excellent throughout and the underwater shots particularly effective ..."
Don Dunkel, Fly Rod & Reel Magazine, 2000