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Usually, the best culms are selected locally for rod building in China every year. Due to Corona, it is not foreseeable when this will be possible again.

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Tonkin (Pseudosasa amabilis) culms of highest quality from China for rod makers in Europe.

<title>Tonkin culms</title>

In 2015, Peer and David visited the Cai family in China, who have supplied rod makers for more than 20 years with Tonkin. We were shown how to select the best culms and collected samples for scientific investigations. Together with Goran Schmidt, Centre of Wood Science of the University Hamburg we investigated the mechanical properties of Tonkin, which allowed us to scrutinise the quality of the culms and we found that the product was excellent and both butt and mid cut had advantages for rod making.

We believe that the scientific investigations that we have conducted mean that you will be buying a product of consistently high quality that is unrivalled in Europe.

David (Anglers' Bamboo Company) and Peer (Springforelle) import this Tonkin which is of the best quality for use by rod makers. The quality of the culms is ensured by the Anglers' Bamboo Company, which hand selects every culm in the warehouse of the Cai family.

The culms are shipped from China via Hamburg to Berlin. From there they can be delivered to any location in Europe. If you are interested please contact Peer +49 174 787 05 86 or


Species:     Tonkin (Pseudosasa amabilis)
Origin:    Aozai, province Guangdong, China
The total culm length measures 11 - 13 m. Of these, the bottom 12 feet, the so-called Butt Cut, and the 6 feet above, the Mid Cut, are imported.

Butt cut 12 feet
  • Mean internode length    37 cm
  • Mean culm diameter    50 mm

<title>Tonkin culms</title>