The Shop for Fine Fly Fishing Tools


My aim is to offer products of the highest quality to the fly-fisher. Some tools are handmade by specialists and exclusively sold by Springforelle.

Fine Fly Fishing Tools are not only tackle in the strictest sense like a tippet dispenser, but also good films and books which enable you to become a better fly-caster.


It all started in 2004 with the translation and production of Mel Krieger's book "The Essence of Fly Casting" into German. It continued with the development of tours into Europe with Mel Krieger.

Springforelle is also proud to be involved with introducing handmade fly-fishing tools on the web, testing and selecting products from high quality manufacturers. Nowadays Springforelle's customers enjoy a carefully selected range of the best quality fly-fishing tools and qualified advice.

Free casting lessons are provided in Berlin. We also offer workshops across Europe where one instructor teaches a maximum of three participants. A range of fly-fishing trips are provided to give people the opportunity to catch fish in a range of spectacular locations.