The Essence of Flycasting II - DVD

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  • Volume: The Essence of Flycasting II

product description

The Essence of Flycasting II

This is one out of four "textbook" DVDs by Mel Krieger. A sophisticated reference by Mel Krieger for intermediate and advanced flycasters.

The cover of the Scandinavian edition differs from the original, and does NOT contain "The Essence of Spey Casting".

DVD in English  •  52 minutes runtime  •  Regional code 2, playable only in West- and Middle Europa, South Africa, Egypt, Middle East and Japan

An instructional DVD for intermediate and advanced flycasters, featuring distance casting, fly rod action, application of power, bio-mechanics, distance roll casting and an introduction to Spey casting.


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Loading the road
Chapter 3 Mechanics of the flycast
Chapter 4 Biomechanics with Steve Rajeff
   - Good form
Chapter 5 Fly rod
Chapter 6 Backcast
   - Straight line backcast (Steve Rajeff)
   - Curved backcast
Chapter 7 Roll cast
Chapter 8 Distance casting
   - Rod drift
   - Double haul
Chapter 9 Conclusion