Flycasting Faults and Fixes - DVD

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  • Volume: Flycasting Faults and Fixes

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Flycasting Faults and Fixes

A detailed look at flycasting problems and their solutions

The fly-fishing guru has gathered together his entire expertise about the subject in a very entertaining manner. Anyone not already familiar with Mel Krieger will find this to be an excellent introduction, from which a lot can be learned. For those who already have his book, this is a wonderful opportunity to supplement it and get to know the author live. "A detailed look at flycasting problems and their solutions" is the subtitle of the DVD. And surely every dedicated fly-fisher wants an answer to the problems they have when casting. The DVD is only available in English, the only way to truly experience the Mel's charm and humour.

DVD in English  •  Runtime 80 minutes  •  Regional code 2, playable only in West- and Middle Europa, South Africa, Egypt, Middle East and Japan

The cover of the Scandinavian edition differs from original.

In this standard work, Mel Krieger and his alter ego Jo Schmakapop explore common errors when flycasting and how to avoid them, in eight chapters (plus three bonus chapters) and a total of thirty-one sequences. Beginning with the mechanics of flycasting, he demonstrates and analyses open and crossed tailing loops, good timing, roll casts, curve casts, applying force, double haul, Spey cast with the single hand rod, the "Last cast" syndrome, and much more.

"With absolutely no unnecessary casting-babble Krieger explains the basic mechanics. Understand this and you understand the principles."
Magnus Angus, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying, Dezember 2005


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 The basic mechanics of a fly cast
Chapter 3 Wide or non loop shapes
Chapter 4 General casting faults
   - Back & forward cast out of plane
   - Hook cast
   - Good timing
    - Last cast syndrom
    - Poor back cast
    - Improper power application
Chapter 5 Tailing or crossed loop shapes
   - Tailing or crossed loops
   - Casting stroke too short
   - Creeping and drifting between back & forward casts
   - Maintaining rod bend
   - The push vs. pull-through casting stroke
   - Unloading (stopping) the rod too soon
   - Another last cast syndrome 
   - Poor line hand pull
Chapter 6 The roll cast
   - The roll cast
   - Failure to position the fly line behind the rod
   - Failure to position (anchor) the end of the fly line in the water
   - Effective loop shapes in the roll cast
Chapter 7 Curved line back cast
Chapter 8 Conlusion

Bonus Chapters

Mel's introduction to Spey casting with a single hand rod
   - Forward Spey or switch cast
   - Single Spey cast
   - Snap-T or circle Spey cast
   - The double Spey cast
   - The snake roll cast
Loop 'line' shapes
Let's try that again