The Essence of Flycasting - DVD

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  • Volume: The Essence of Flycasting

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The Essence of Flycasting

Mel Krieger deals with every important facet of casting, from the basics of good hand position to the complexities of fly presentation and the double haul. This manual has it all. Fishing sequences for trout, bonefish and silver salmon in the Bahamas, Oregon, Florida and Alaska add to the excitement. The result is teaching at its best.

An inspiring instructional demonstration of everything  which the international acknowledged master also describes in his book. The ideal match with Mel's book.

The Scandinavian edition possesses a cover, which differs from the one pictured.

DVD in English  •  runtime 60 minutes  •  Regional code 2, playable only in West- and Middle Europa, South Africa, Egypt, Middle East and Japan


Chapter  1    Introduction
Chapter  2    Flycasting
Chapter  3    Good form
                      - Rod grip
                      - Hand and arm position
Chapter  4    Roll cast
                      - Off shoulder cast
Chapter  5    Pick up and lay down cast
Chapter  6    Good loops
Chapter  7    False cast
Chapter  8    Casting stroke
Chapter  9    Loading the road
Chapter 10   Shooting line
Chapter 11   Double haul
Chapter 12   Belgian cast
Chapter 13   Presenting the fly
                        - Bounce cast
                        - Wiggle cast
                        - Reach cast
Chapter 14    Catch and release


- An introduction to Spey casting with Jim Green
    1. Single Spey
    2. Reverse Spey
    3. Loading the rod
    4. Curved line backcast
    5. Double Spey
- A complete fly fishing glossary
- Mel’s reminders
- Fly fishing moments: A medley of music and visuals