Flexi-Stripper - better than a stripping basket

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Manufacturer: Bjarne Fries

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product description

The Flexi-Stripper is the evolution of the stripping basket – from the basket to the board. This was the first step. With the second another row of flexible spikes has been added to the Flexi-Stripper and the belt is made from very robust material. In the picture above you can see on the left the old and on the right the new Flexi-Stripper.

Synthetic material •  Size 28 x 15 x 7 cm  •  Weight 190 g

The Flexi-Stripper is the optimal solution to control loose and shooting line. Non-anglers suspect a sado-maso-gadget behind the name. It prevents the fly-line from snagging in the vegetation while hiking, or from entangling around your legs while wading in running waters or in the sea, and while fishing from a boat from snagging in any superstructures. Bjarne Fries had the smart idea that the flexible spikes make the wall of the basket superfluous. Now stripping in is much more comfortable and emptying the water does not apply any longer. The flexible spikes are so stiff, they avert line entangling, and at the same time so soft, that shooting the line is not hampered.

Flexi-Stripper improved

The basket was a necessary evil to control the fly-line: wading deep you had to hold your arms uncomfortably high to lay the coils into the basket. If waves swashed into the basket, it had to be emptied, and while wading it hampered your view downwards. Click on the last picture above to see a nice antique version.

The Flexi-Stripper is very light, conserves the fly-line, allows a free sight while wading, and may be worn where most appropriate: close to the hips on the right or left side of your body, above the hips while wading deep, or around the thigh in the boat.

It is robust and flexible: Should the spikes be out of shape, then they straighten up in the oven at 60° C. The Flexi-Stripper comes in a kit consisting of plate, spikes and elastic belt which are assembled lickety-split.

Together with the stringer (fish carrying ring) it forms the perfect combination for wading in the sea.

Flexi-Stripper improved

Here are some hints from Bjarne Fries how to use it:

"Most fisherman strip in the line by making a downwards slanting movement with the hand. This movement is mainly made with the forearm. I recommend a movement made mainly by the upper arm, allowing the hand holding the line to move almost horizontally to the side in a slightly backwards direction. This way of stripping may feel a little strange, but you will soon get accustomed to it. When the hand moves over the flexible spikes, just let the retrieved line go – followed by the next strip. It does not matter if the loose coils of line stripped in and placed on the flexible spikes hang out and down from the edge of the Flexi-Stripper-plate.

When you start retrieving the line after an accomplished forward cast, the line from your first strip should be dropped in front of you outside the Flexi-Stripper. This is to ensure enough loose line for lifting your rod for the back cast without influencing the loose coils stored on the Flexi-Stripper. Then, on the second strip you begin placing the retrieved line on the flexible spikes.