Tippet Dispenser Centrix

Product.Nr.: zub01

Manufacturer: Swiss Tackle

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product description

You will hardly find a nicer Christmas tree decoration which can also be attached to your fly vest during the season. This tippet dispenser handmade in Switzerland impresses by its simplicity and functionality.

There is an end of searching deep in your fishing jacket pockets for the correct sized tippet material.

4 spools  •  160' (50 m) spool capacity with 3X (0.20 mm) tippet  •  2.55 x 1.06" (65 x 27 mm)  •  2.1 oz (60 g)

You simply fill the four spools of the Centrix tippet dispenser with your preferred tippet material, and fix it to your vest. So you can pull any time the needed length, cut it, fix it and continue fishing.

Form follows function: The very light housing of the Centrix produced from a durable aluminium alloy has a red anodized surface treatment, and homes the four black reinforced plastic spools for the tippet material. The tippet is adhered by rubber integrated into the housing at the exit aperture; therefore any self unwinding of the coil is securely prevented. A stainless steal stud holds the four coils in place and contains a needle to thread the tippet. The pin is secured with a cotter ring, and is used to easily fix the tippet dispenser to your fishing vest.

All parts of the Centrix are 100 % manufactured and assembled in Switzerland, proven materials with excellent surface treatment which will hold for a lifetime.