Amadou in Edelholz Amboina / geölt

Product.Nr.: zub27-1

Manufacturer: Springforelle

47,00 EUR
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  • delivery time 1 Woche
  • weight 0,2 kg
  • Finish: oiled

  • Kind of wood: Amboina

product description

The traditional tool with a new appearance: we joined tinder (Fomes fomentarius), which between fly fishermen is better known as Amadou, with the material it grew on: wood. We selected hard species of wood which form with Amadou an aesthetic entity.

Tinder  •  15 – 20 g  •  4 x 5 cm  •  Leather strap  •  Precious wood  •  oiled or varnished


With this extremly absorbent fungus your wet dry-flies will become floatable again. The very soft material is gentle with the hackles.

Choose from olive-, rose-, amboina-wood or ebony. The wood is varnished or oiled, which looks more elegant. However, oiled wood requires same care from time to time. A metal stamp burns Springforelle’s logo in every wood.

Amboina (Pterocarpus indicus Willd.), also known as Burmese rosewood because of its tender scent, which remains hidden under the varnish. In return the wonderful grain comes into one’s own.

The other side of the enormous absorbency is that you have to avoid complete wetting. In continuous rain it may lose its original fluffy appearance and ampleness. Then better stow it in a dry pocket of your fly vest.