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product description

While drinking a good glass of wine with a friend he told me that his hands did not freeze anymore while fishing for sea trout in harsh weather since he was wearing gloves made from bison down by Buffalo Gold. They are far superior to any synthetics. This made me very curious. A handmade natural product, which is better than all high-tech gloves? This had to be included into Springforelle's shop.

To keep also the other end of your body warm, have a look also to the Bison Wading Socks.

Material: Bison wool  •  Machine washable  •  Size S, M, L, XL  •  Weight 60-70 g  •  Colour black or brown

Bison gloves

Moisture regain is a measure of the amount of moisture a fiber will hold without feeling wet and therefore more comfortable. The capacity of moisture regain of bison wool is higher than sheep wool and therefore more comfortable to wear. The wool from the buffalo's undercoat is spun and knit into a light, soft, durable glove. 

Bison gloves

Consider this beast from the Old West. The bison had a great deal of time to develop a fur with a highly insulating undercoat, which will not let it freeze in wintertime. It was almost wiped out by the European settlers in order to deprive the natives of their important food source. In 1870 remained less than 1,000 bison from a stock of possibly 50 billion. Its protection began when Yellowstone National Park was established in 1872. Today the population has increased to more than 500,000 whereupon most of them are kept in private farms and less than 5 % are maintained in conservation herds.

The bison gloves are probably the warmest garment one can get on a per-square-inch basis. The bison 'down' is not only warm, but it's also incredibly soft. It gets fuzzier and softer the more you wear it.  While you might think this is a signal that the gloves are falling apart, that is not the case. The yarn fibers are just relaxing. They don't shrink and are even machine washable.

Yes, these glovs are not cheap, but consider one adult produces just about one pund of bison down.

To identify the suitable size for you, download this pdf-file,  Bison glovesize  print it with 100 % and place your hand on the chart of the bison glove.

Bison gloves

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