Chauncy Lively’s Flybox – A Portfolio of Modern Trout Flies

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I could acquire a few copies of this vintage book by Chauncy Lively in which he describes fly patterns which he designed.

Author: Chauncy Lively  •  1980  •  Softcover  •  96 pages  •  21 x 28 cm  • Step-by-step b/w photos  •  Antiquarian in very good condition  

As a recommendation for this special fly-tying book I would like to cite Hoagy Carmichael:

"He was often called 'The Fly Tiers Fly Tier'. I strongly recommend that every angler interested in fly dressing make the effort to find a copy of this little-known book.

… An inventory of ingenious tying ideas … now commonly used by many non-traditional tiers …
… heating the dubbing needle and lightly singeing the tips with an outward stroke. This idea produced ‘landing feet’, which helped keep the hackles from piercing the surface film, more accurately mimicking actions of the natural fly.

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  8 by Carmichael