CFA-42 3-in-1 Clipper

Product.Nr.: zub28

Manufacturer: C&F Design

24,90 EUR
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product description

Der CFA-42 3-in-1 Clipper represents three tools in one: line-clipper, threader and eye-cleaner. Moreover, you get eight replaceable blades.

Line-clipper with 8 blades  •  Eye-cleaner  •  2 threaders  •  Weight 8 g

This well-thought-out tool by C&F Design wins over by its straightforwardness and functionality.

  • The line-clipper: A cutting face and one blade suffice to cut leaders. No blade remains sharp in the long run and therefor Springforelle supplies you with eight eight replaceable blades. The blade is magnetically kept in position tightly and can be easily exchanged.

  • The threader can be retracted and is well protected inside the clipper. Two exchangeable threaders are included.

  • The eye-cleaner is secured inside the clipper.

Meanwhile other clippers possess replaceable blades as well, but only the CFA-42 3-in-1 Clipper offers this for a good price. Moreover, you do not even have to use a screwdriver.

<title>CFA-42 3-in-1 Clipper</title>

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