Echo Micro Practice Rod - MPR

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product description

The stodgy office days are over. The Echo MPR fits into every desk drawer.

Joking aside, as you know better casting can only be achieved by steady practice. You would like to improve your casting abilities, but you live far from any waterbody or your hard day’s work does not allow regular exercises, then the MPR is exactly right for you. Even when the blizzard blusters outside you don’t have to neglect your casting practice any longer.

Length: 4’ resp. 120 cm   •  Weight 66 g   •   Thick braided line    •   Tippet: soft yarn

Look at the introduction of the MPR designer Tim Rajeff:

The Echo MPR is a complete fly rod in miniature format just 4 feet long with handle, rings, line and tippet. It is so well balanced that it resembles a ‘real’ one so much, that practicing indoors will improve your abilities at the water

It is possible to throw the overhead cast, the roll cast und tailing loops. Even this is no joke: Only if you are able to cast a tailing look upon request, you will be able to avoid it.