Trout Ball

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Hersteller: Greg Keeler

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Exzentrische, verrückte Angellieder und -gedichte von Greg Keeler

Whitefish Blues
A classic southern guitar blues song with some interesting throat gurgling techniques. Greg is pretty harsh on the lowly White Fish.

Neoprene Waders
This song is about sex, rubber & fishing.

Little Bitch Creek
Greg explains why this is the best multi-purpose nymph around.

Confession Of The Born Again Purist
A prayer for forgiveness for using worms.

Flash-A-Bugger Tango
Sung in the style of a Spanish tango – Explains why "buggering" can become an addiction.

The Ground Was Too Hard
This is a "Cheap Coyote Trick" - one of many short verses centered around a character named "Coyote". Greg pokes fun at designer fly fishermen.

Favorite Baits
A tribute to smelly baits & spark-plug techniques.

FTV Theme
Greg has a real attitude about TV couch potatoes. In this song about Fishing TV you don't have to go outside to go fishing.

Duct Tape Psalm
This is a classic.

Latter Day Worm Fisherman
Reflections from an ancient worm fisherman.

Ode To Rough Fish
Greg explores the sociological differences between Trout and Suckers in an industrialized society.

WD-40 Polka
Sung in the style of a classic Polka with bubble machines and all. WD-40 as fish bait.

Swiss Army Beattitudes
A prayer for this classic tool.

Trash Fish
With Greg’s neighbor Bill Clinton (same name - different guy) on lead guitar. A grunge style guitar song where Greg bellows the words "Trash Fish" with garbled obscenities sprinkled between.