Sea Bass and Striper on the Fly - 2 DVDs

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An instructional film about sea bass fishing and an entertainment film about striper fishing: A Season on the Salt with Justin Anwyl.

2 DVDs in English  •  Runtime 100 + 40 minutes  •  16:9 PAL

I was late with my holiday preparations and I had no idea how and what to present the sea bass in Brittany. I was lucky to discover Justin Anwyl, who exclusively guides for sea bass. He sent me his instructional DVD A Season on the Salt together with special fly patterns to Brittany. Deducted from cock roaches for tarpon he developed patterns for sea bass which mimic crustaceans: bass roaches.

Sea bass on the fly

The film is packed with Justin's treasure trove of experience: when to apply which method. Some find it more tantalizing to try it without guidance, but often this ends frustrating and I did not have that time available.

In one respect fishing for sea bass does not differ from sea trout: most of the time nothing happens, even though I worked the fly according to instructions very deep. All in a sudden, nothing moved and a second later my class 8 rod bowed. I did not regret having enlisted Justin'sadvice.

To relax I then watched the second DVD. The first falls into the category of good instructional film and the second into good entertainment. Almost non-stop fights with Striper, False Albacore and Bluefish. A brace, worthwhile to have.

Sea bass on the fly