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I found the fishfinder again. This field guide is indispensable especially when travelling.

Oliver Friel
and Mathias Suess pinpointed every fish species: Technical graphics strikingly depict the morphology which allows species determination also for the layman.



And now once again for all who forgot or did not even know it:

•  Many fish are found by the fishfinder.
•  More precisely, these are the most important 180 freshwater and marine fish species.
•  The fishfinder is a language field-guide in 29 European languages.
•  For quick finding the book contains a 29-parts language register which is comprise of about 8,000 names and notations.
•  It provides distribution maps, length, weight, habitat and food of the fish species.
•  It captivates by its sound handling, its fast access facilities and its multilinguality.
•  You experience its bibliophilic beauty not only the feel of its cover-surface, but also with every single graphic.
•  NEW: All, who want to have always with them, may additionally purchase the fishfinderPro App in the iTunes Store

fishfinderPro App

 fishfinderPro App

Authors: Mathias Suess and Oliver Friel  •  2003  •  First edition  •  166 pages  •  Soft cover  •  12 x 20 cm  •  180 illustrations (marine and freshwater fish species, crustaceans)  •  in 26 European languages

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