A Backyard in Nowhere - DVD

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Ein Fliegenfischer-Western

Das ist Unterhaltung! Unterhaltung für „Krokodiljäger“, die eine Abwechslung brauchen, während sie im staubigen Büro sitzen.

Zitate aus einem Interview mit den Filmemachern von A Backyard in Nowhere in ThisIsFly.com, Ausgabe 31:

“The Western cinematic look, sound , and narrative have also proven ideal to create the mysterious and godforsaken atmosphere we felt out there. And as for the fly fishers, I believe they a have a thing in common with the classic Western characters: Strange and lonesome drifters – not searching for gold and glory, but still soldiers of fortune. … So, the fusion between fishing and a Western really opened an opportunity to create a unique and unconventional universe within the fly-fishing genre.”  Mathis

“Put short, A Backyard on Nowhere is about good people vs. bad people, with us, a bunch of slightly naive fly fishers, caught in the middle. The main conflict revolves around white settlers claiming territory from the indigenous people. That’s pretty much the cowboys and Indians of the Wild West – well, with a northern twist. Apart from that, we have a lot of Western elements like whisky drinking, shooting, profanity, and the frontier mentality that dominates out in the barren wilderness.”  Peter

DVD auf Englisch  •  Format 16:9, PAL  •  Laufzeit 52  Minuten  •  Rated PG17: Contains explicit language, profanity, drug use, nudity

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