Fly-fishing in Swedish Lapland, Vol. 2 Rostu - DVD

Fly-fishing in Swedish Lapland, Vol. 2 Rostu - DVD

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Gunnar Westrin and his friend Palle Anderson move on in Swedish Lapland, this time in the surroundings of Rostu.

Never heard of it? Even Google does not give a result, not before you key in the lake’s name 'Rostojávri'. Then it becomes clear that this is almost the most northern corner of Sweden.

The friends philosophise about their flies, spend a lot of time along the reindeer trails searching fish, which is quite natural fort hem. One gains a nice insight into the vastness of the sand dune landscape. And yes, they are catching fish, and they say many more grayling than twenty years ago. They speculate that trout and char have been pushed back.

At calm countless midges are in front of the camera lens, which the two do not even seem to notice. They are still astonished that grayling are suddenly taking long feeding breaks despite many insects on the water surface.

One can let on Gunnar Westrin about Rostu being his paradise, especially when he says at midnight sun: „Night has settled over the countryside, the mountains are asleep while the careful kisses of grayling caress our senses.” And: “For me the grayling is always surrounded in mystery, an ancient guest from bygone days and an irresistible beauty in these golden sandy waters. This is my inspiration and forever will be.”

As a matter of course the two eating e few of the caught fish, and never taking any fish from the mountains back home.

In the end Gunnar Westrin writes a few lines in his 49th Lapland diary. From this treasure trove of experience one would love to hear more. However, in 'Fly-fishing in Swedish Lapland – Rostu' he already reveals a lot. Moreover, there is the bonus material of almost one hour in which one learns more than enough about flies and tackle

DVD in English •  Runtime 62 minutes  •  48 minutes bonus material  •  16:9 PAL

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